Bakelite Resin Washed Bangles 1

Bakelite Resin Washed Jewelry

As one can see from these bangles, they are two toned. The original color has a resin wash applied to it, and in the case of these three bangles the applied wash is black.  The bottom one is burnt sienna, then a black and rose, and the top one is Mississippi Mud, which refers to the browns, chocolates, and mocha colors.  The black wash was applied to accentuate the slash carving and dots in all 3 bangles. After applying the resin, tumbling the bracelet polished it, giving it the shine shown here.  Most resin washed Bakelite jewelry is found in bangles and figural designs in pins/brooches – often horse figures were resin washed.  Most resin washed designs are quite desirable, commanding higher prices.