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Vintage Costume Jewelry Shopping

If you’re just starting to collect vintage costume jewelry and you’re on a fixed budget, some good places to start your collection are at thrift stores and antique shops/flea markets and even garage sales. However, be forewarned and armed with the right informational tools to help you scour the shelves and booths for that amazing […]

Bakelite Resin Washed Jewelry

As one can see from these bangles, they are two toned. The original color has a resin wash applied to it, and in the case of these three bangles the applied wash is black.  The bottom one is burnt sienna, then a black and rose, and the top one is Mississippi Mud, which refers to […]

Vintage Costume Jewelry Online Store

I have always been attracted to “old things.”  I’ve scoured antique shops and flea markets looking for “finds”.  In my youth, that simply meant “inexpensive” but good bargains, or so I thought, since I rarely had money for the truly beautiful items I encountered.  However, I spent many enjoyable hours wandering through booths, talking with […]