Vintage Jewelry and Collectibles

If you love vintage costume jewelry and other collectibles from the past 100 years, then you are at the right store! Collecting and researching the origin of costume jewelry is my passion. My goal is to capture styles from the past and represent them on this site.  When possible, I identify the time period or date when an item was manufactured. Each piece illustrates the fashion at the time it was popular in the culture. My selections trend toward the unusual and unique.  I hope these carefully selected gems speak to you as well.  It’s a joy to own these amazing works of art and I hope you will agree by purchasing something which “speaks” to your fashion sense/style.

Other vintage items showcase my interests (Mah Jongg), collections (Christmas, Halloween, toys, teddy bears, banks), and resurfaced 50’s items.  If you are interested in something special, please contact me with your request — I’ll try to accommodate you.

You may search my store by category or enter your own search terms.